Segway Safety Information

Segways are very safe and easy to ride but we have to tell you about all the dangers



Unfortunately absolutely No pregnant women or people under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to participate.  Please check any other health conditions with us, most are fine, but it’s always best to make sure by giving us a call. 07549939898


Safety Information

As with any activity there are risks involved in participating in riding a Segway. Falling off a Segway is possible and like other hazardous activities such as skiing, horseriding and mountain biking there is a large amount of individual responsibility. This means it is very difficult to measure the danger as each person behaves differently and will conduct themselves accordingly whilst riding. We do however try to minimise risks as much as possible and the information below should help you in your decision as to whether or not to take part.

You can find more FAQ HERE

For children's parties please refer to our Advice and guidance for parents for kids parties Page



The principle of Competence applies both to equipment and to personnel, and requires they are of sufficient quality to competently perform the job demanded. The principle of Competence requires that safety related equipment satisfies the minimum standards which ensure its capability both for normal use and for all anticipated extreme conditions of use. In addition all safety-related tasks and responsibilities are assigned only to persons recognised to have the necessary knowledge and abilities to perform them.


Segways – Introduction

The Segway X2 encompasses impressive technology with a stylish yet tough design.  They are very easy to ride and are very intuitive, so naturally people become confident very quickly. However, for this reason people do try to push themselves to go faster before they have fully mastered the machine. Control of a Segway begins with knowing your abilities and limitations and riding within them.



Informed Participation

Riding a Segway is not the same as a theme park ride experience, to stay safe there is a large amount of individual responsibility. The activity of riding a Segway should be viewed in the same way as skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking or horse riding. Consequently, all participants wishing to take part in the activity must be aware that Segway’s are potentially dangerous and assess the risks involved. At Plymouth Segway we do help you to do this via a registration and training process where you the participant can read our documentation and inform yourself. Obviously this also involves some administration including the signing of an insurance waiver form with a member of the crew present so that you are able to ask any pertinent questions that may arise.



All participants are given training on how to ride a Segway regardless of whether you have ridden a Segway before. This training takes place in a group and our instructors will ensure you are fully confident with the machine and are happy to proceed before venturing out onto the tracks.


Operating Crew

We employ highly trained instructors. All our crew are professional, friendly and proficient in dealing with participants, whilst at the same time providing a safe but positively fun experience. Our system ensures that each crew member receives the training and experience appropriate to their tasks and responsibilities and a log is kept of the role each crew member undertakes at every event.



We recommend you have satisfactory insurance cover to take part in the experience.

Plymouth Segways does hold adequate insurance for Public Liability and this provides cover for our business.

However as with other hazardous activities such as skiing, mountain biking or surfing we recommend you have your own insurance policy to cover you for accident and injury whilst riding a Segway. We hope that you never need to use your insurance, but this is definitely a case of better safe than sorry.


Weight / Height / Health Restrictions

Who’s it for:
Age 10 or older.
Under 18s must be supervised by 1 participating adult per group.

Please read the restrictions below carefully as NO refunds will be given if any participants turn up on the day and do not meet these requirements. These rules are strictly enforced.

Manufacturer recommendations are as follows:

      • They are under over 134cm tall.
      • Minimum weight 5 Stone 4 pounds ( 38 kilos )
      • Their weight exceeds A maximum weight limit of 146kg (23 stones / 322 lbs)
      • Somebody in your group underweight? Check out our solution, HERE 

All pre-existing medical conditions must be declared before riding a Segway. Falls from a Segway are possible and if you have any medical conditions that may be affected by an accidental fall, we highly recommend that you do not take part.

You must fully understand, just like a bike, there is a risk of injury if you fall from a Segway but we do have a very comprehensive training system to minimise the risk, if you are unsure please give us a call for advice. 07549939898

For reasons beyond our control we may also have to change the limitations of admission – including minimum age and weight restrictions.