Advice and guidance for parents for children's parties at Cann woods Segway

On the day throughout the experience, the person who has booked the session is charge of all the children, by consent of the parents agreeing with them letting the children be with that responsible trusted adult.
It might be a good idea for the parents of all participants to read our safety document before the children participate 

How it works is on the day.

1.Everybody reads a printed laminated safety sheet containing rules and acceptable behaviour.
2. Kit is then issued like helmets 
3. Demonstration and safety brief start.
4. Everybody is taught one-to-one and taken around the training area.
5. Last safety brief what to expect and reminder of all the dangers.
6 Disclaimers are handed out to every participant, but you as the responsible adult has to sign all of them for each child that you are happy and you can see They are competent in riding the machine.
We have to have all these measures in place because children can get a little bit excitable and forget key safety measures , and things can escalate very quickly being on a motorised vehicle, but this is rare as most children are very well-behaved, but as you can appreciate we cannot be responsible for other peoples children’s misbehaviour. 
Kids love Segways and I just want to do it again and again, after the training session is over, the fun starts into the Forest.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send us an email or call us for advice.