Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




We have been in the segway Business for over 15 years and have knowledge and experience many renowned as the best in the Business,

(we also supply training to other segway tour companies up and down the country)

Our first site was at Haldon forest and Paul was aways on the lookout for our next site , but it had to be perfect and tick the right boxes based on customer feedback. We looked at various holiday parks & country parks but we found the terrain boring and not very exciting, till Forestry England suggested this site CANN WOODS a unspoiled dynamic forest , just outside Plymouth & easy to get to from the A38.

After testing and trials we launched the site fully operational in 2018 and the rest is history.

Segway Girls Cann Woods Segway

Be assured we have the experience and knowledge to give the best segway experience possible, we understand that some people can find Segway is a bit daunting sometimes, and a little nervous .. but don’t worry with our vastly experienced staff we will have you riding round the forest in no time. 

That’s why are trusted by various Community services , NHS & Scouts & well-being groups , because of our awesome location, people love to soak up the forest experience.

Book on Now and Lets-Get-Outside

If you have any questions or concerns about anything just give us a call.


Worried about the Rain? 🌧  

Don’t worry we are mostly under Trees🌳 


Q: Are there any hidden Extras?
A: Absolutely Not, the price you see from the start is what you pay NO Hidden extras for photos and cancellations etc 

Q: Do you charge a booking fee?
A: In a short answer NO, but the booking system will add a Booking fee when you book, however the fee is then discounted from the final booking price.  We take the hit with the booking fee, so the price you see from the start is what you pay.

Q: Do you charge for Photos?
A: NO, we take photos for Free at different parts for the Experience and upload them at the end of each day so you can download them at your convenience from our Customers pictures page. Some other Segway sites charge up to £6.99 for the same service🤦 we think this is totally unacceptable. that's why we offer this service for free. 

Q: I have payed the deposit, When & How do I pay the balance?
A: If you have payed the deposit for your booking you pay the balance on the day on our card machine we have on site.

Q: Do you provide training on the Segway?
A: Yes we provide one 2 one full training.

Q: Why do you only do 3 tours a day, I've seen other sites do up to 6 sessions a day? 
A: Because we go further and have varied terrain in a dynamic forest up and down hills which really drains the battery power. If a Segway centre can offer lots of timed sessions that would indicate its mainly flat surfaces or in a field. 

Q: Someone in our group is very nervous about the experience?
A: Segways' are very safe machines if operated correctly. We do get nervous individuals all the time as it can be a bit daunting trying a new activity and being out of your comfort zone. If this is the case within your group please can you inform us before the booking so we can make a note on the diary to assist them further, (don't feel ashamed or embarrassed this happens all the time and we want to give everybody the best segway experience possible).

Q: Do you operate in the Rain?
A: We do, We are mostly under trees.

Q: Is there somewhere we can get something the eat & drink afterwards?
A: Yes Right next to 
CANN WOODS there is Elfordleigh which has a public bar & restaurant or you can bring your own refreshments and sit in the forest on the public benches under the trees next to the field & chill out in the calm forest.

Q: What COVID-19 procedures do you have in place?
A: Please click HERE to find out all information

Q: Where are you?
A: Please click HERE to find travel and directions.

Q: Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
A: Yes we do please click HERE for more info.

Q: The website won't accept my Gift Vouchers?
A: Don't worry just give us a ring and we can assist you 07549939898

Q: What is the minimum or maximum age for the tour?
A: Minimum age is 10 yrs. So far 98 yrs is the oldest we have had! The minimum weight our tours is 5 stone 4 pounds ( 33 kilos)

Somebody in your group underweight? Check out our solution, HERE

You must fully understand, just like a bike, there is a risk of injury if you fall from a Segway but we do have a very comprehensive training system to minimise the risk, if you are unsure please give us a call for advice. 07549939898

Q: What time do the tours start and finish
A: Our tours start at 10:30am to 4:30pm, (but can change)

Q: I'm booking for a kids party do I have to sign a disclaimer for all the children.
A: Yes more information can be found on our advice and guidance for children's parties page

Q: On the main page with tour timings it says "up to 60 mins e.c.t" what does that mean?
A: We leave that in because most people pick it up very quickly but there are odd occasions when some customers through no fault of their own need a little bit more training and confidence before we set off. Most tour run over the time but customers must understand we are a time sensitive activity with other bookings throughout the day. (the tour guide is constantly assessing the situation in real time) this is why it's very important that customers turn up at the correct time.

Q: Do we do Kid’s Party’s?
A: Yes we do but give Paul a ring on 0754998398 so we can sort out the best Deal & Best experience for your party with budget before you book.

Q: Can I book in advance for my tour?
A: Yes, we strongly recommend that you book online in advance to avoid disappointment on the day if you need any help Please call 07549939898

Q: Can I just turn up and have a go?
A: You can but you may be disappointed in the holiday season, as we are usually quite booked at weekends & week days. So do call us before you leave.

Q: Do we have Toilet facilities on site?
A: Yes we do.

Q: is there somewhere I can leave Valuables?
A: Yes we can lock all bags and car keys in the office.

Q: How many can take the tour at once?
A: We can take groups up to 9 -14 people at any one time on the day, pre-booked tours up for more

Q: Can I hire a Segway for a Party or Event?
A: Yes, please see our Sales & Hire page or call us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Do you operate in the snow/ice?
A: We do, but in certain conditions for safety, we may cancel and rebook/refund your tour. We only refund if we have made the decision not to operate because of bad weather and unforeseen circumstances, If there are any unanswered questions you have then please call us on 07549 939898


Terms and Conditions

  • All Gift Vouchers purchased from us are strictly valid for one year.
  • Tour bookings are time specific. It is the clients responsibility to arrive on time, on the correct date.
  • If you arrive too late to join your tour at your allocated time you may not be able to participate and all payments may be forfeited.
  • Tours are subject to cancellation at short notice if weather conditions are not suitable. See cancellation policy below.
  • A refund will only be issued if the tours booked (not vouchers) cannot be rescheduled.
  • A refund will only be issued if the tour (not Vouchers) was booked and paid for directly with Cann Woods segways.
  • Bookings made using 3rd party and “Experience Days” voucher companies will be rescheduled.
  • Remember to dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day.
  • This experience is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the staff of any disability or prior injuries before taking part.
  • You will be required to read and sign a statement of risk before participating on the day. This will be witnessed by a member of staff. Any false information could affect your safety.
  • Secure footwear should be worn (trainers, light walking boots, etc. but not flip-flops or any open toed sandles please).
  • All riders are required to wear helmets which will be provided (you can use your own)
  • A parent or responsible adult must sign a consent form for riders 10 to 18 years old and accompany them on the tour.
  • A maximum weight limit of 146kg (23 stones / 322 lbs) applies.
  • Riders must be comfortable standing for the duration of the tour.
  • The rider should be able to shift their weight & be comfortable leaning slightly from side to side and be capable of stepping on and off the Segway PT when required without assistance.
  • 3rd party experience day vouchers must be brought with you on the day.
  • If you book though an experience day company and do not present your voucher upon arrival you will be required to pay the full price to be able to participate.
  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable (see below)
  • We can not be held responsible for park/site closures or any unforeseen circumstances.


  • Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel a confirmed tour booking the following policy applies:

  • More than 7 days notice – Option to reschedule tour date or request refund of total paid.
  • Less than 7 days but more than 48 hours notice – Option to reschedule tour date only. No refund unless tour places are resold.
  • Less than 48 hours notice – No option to reschedule or refund unless tour places are re-sold. Reducing booking size without the above notice – Liable for full payment of original booking.
  • A refund will only be issued if the tour was booked online and paid for directly with Plymouth segway.
  • Bookings made using 3rd party and “Experience Days” and Vouchers if still in date will be rescheduled subject to the above restriction.