UPDATE>>Segway Tour Opening Update OUR viewpoint.

......UPDATE....... Segway Tour Opening Update OUR viewpoint. If you could share or comment, it would be much appreciated. Other Segway tours operators have started to open BUT we are not yet! As much as we rely on the summer income, We need to take into consideration and concerns of the people in the local area, as the “R” rate in this area is still at 1 We don’t want to encourage people to come from long distances from other areas & add to the problem (our activity is very popular in the summer) Please understand this is a very difficult time for us and other businesses in our sector, but we think it’s the right thing to do and we want to stand with them!, also we rely on the local people in the this area throughout the winter and the quieter months. I Hope everybody understands and would agree we are doing the right thing? Lets see were the “R” is in a months time.

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