Segway S Pod

  • Yes, we get that Segway's latest creation looks a lot like those floating chairs from Wall-E.
  • Segway says the S-Pod was inspired by the gyroscopes from Jurassic World and uses the same technology as its standing segway's I2 & X2
  • Instead of leaning, though, you control the S-Pod using a knob that changes the vehicle's center of gravity.

The potential for pop culture references here is vast. Let's start with what Segway itself says about its new S-Pod egg-shaped seated scooter. The company best known for giving tourists the chance to see new cities without that pesky walking thing says that the S-Pod was inspired by the gyrospheres in the new Jurassic World movies, have we learned nothing from Wall-E?

But to bring this all back to the real world, the newest self-balancing vehicle from Segway-Ninebot (Ninebot is a Chinese company that bought Segway in 2015) is basically a sit-down version of the famous Segway scooter and uses the same gyroscopic self-balancing technology that the stand-up models use. Able to move at speeds up to 24 mph The company maintains that the S-Pod spins and rotates smoothly for directional changes and the rider does not need to physically lean forward and back to accelerate or slow down. As the ‘brake’ is placed by the shift of the center of gravity, it ‘eliminates the possibility of the S-Pod tipping over in any situation’ the company said. It’s not likely to be available until the very end of 2020 – if not 2021 – and Segway hasn’t made any mention of what it’s likely to cost. ‘We are changing the way people move from place to place,’ said Luke Gao, the CEO of Segway-Ninebot. We are this thinking this would be awesome for disabled people to enjoy our segway tours too Watch this space.