Why are we the best Segway Tour in the UK?

Here at Southwest segway, we are based at Cann Wood right in the heart of the Southwest in the middle of Devon & Cornwall. Our segway tours are suitable for all abilities from beginners to experts. Giving the ultimate and Very Best experience, built on 16 years at Segway Haldon  which now all come under the same umbrella Go Segway, Segwaysouthwest, Cann Woods Segway all operate from Cann wood for the best Family friendly experience,The Price you see is what you pay NO Hidden Extras.

Cann Wood Segway  - the best Segway experience available why?

Because we are in the based southwest and now we have acquired Go-Segway fully this makes us the longest running Segway Tour in the UK from 2006 


  • Segway tours are a unique and fun way to explore a new city or area
  • Cann Woods Segway Plymouth is a highly rated segway tour company located just out side Plymouth in Devon
  • In this blog post, we will explore why Cann Woods Segway Plymouth is the best segway tour in the UK

Why Cann Woods Segway Plymouth is the Best Segway Tour in the UK:

     1. Professional and experienced staff:

  • The team at Cann Woods Segway Plymouth is made up of experienced and professional staff who are passionate about providing a high-quality segway tour experience
  • They are knowledgeable about the local area and are able to provide interesting and informative commentary throughout the tour
  • Safety is a top priority at Cann Woods Segway Plymouth, and all staff are fully trained and certified to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants

      2. Beautiful and scenic routes

  • Cann Woods Segway Plymouth offers a range of segway tours through some of the most beautiful Forest areas in the UK
  • From Forest routes with breathtaking views of Dartmoor , to wooded trails through lush forests, there is a tour to suit everyone's interests and preferences
  • The routes are carefully planned to showcase the best of the local area and provide a unique and immersive experience for participants

segway girls

      3. High-quality equipment:

  • Cann Woods Segway Plymouth uses top-of-the-line segways for all of their tours, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride
  • The segways are well-maintained and checked regularly to ensure they are in top condition for every tour
  • In addition to the segways, participants are also provided with helmets and safety equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

      4. Flexible tour options:

  • Cann Woods Segway Plymouth offers a range of tour options to suit different interests and time constraints
  • From short, one-hour tours to longer expeditions, there is a tour to suit everyone's needs
  • The team at Cann Woods Segway Plymouth is also happy to work with groups to tailor a tour to their specific interests and needs.

Segway customers

      5. Positive customer reviews:

  • Cann Woods Segway Plymouth has received consistently positive reviews from customers, with many praising the professional staff, beautiful routes, and high-quality equipment
  • Customers have also noted the fun and unique nature of the segway tours, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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