A trip to Devon is never complete without riding a Segway in the Cann Woods

A trip to Devon is never complete without riding a Segway at Cann Woods eastern side of Plymouth commonly known as the Plym forest. The 230 hectares forest has several habitats including woodland and grassland with beautiful views of the valley and the wildlife.


This mixed forest is open to the public and is a popular destination for people from all over the world looking to have a walking, cycling, picnicking and the most loved and popular Segway experience. Cann woods Segway Devon has lovely surroundings and a rural touch that will be an absolutely fantastic adventure for you and your team. 
To make most out of the Segway experience, you must ride on the best race tracks or off trails and also be guided by the most experienced professionals. Whether you want to take individual rides, or want to come with your family or friends for a group ride, the Plymouth Segway is the perfect site in the Cann woods for everyone.

What if I don't know to ride the Segway?
Although thanks to the technology and design of the Segway, many people naturally learn how to ride them, you are not locked out if it's your first time riding. At Plymouth Segway, we will train you to ride this machine until you are confident with it. Since many people who come here are also first-time riders, you will be trained as a group until you are ready to hit the tracks.
Race track or off-trail?

You will have almost similar experiences with these two activities, but it is more fun to do these as a group. Many people who come here always start with the off-trail and the sum up the fun activities with the exhilarating race track.

Final thoughts
Just contact us if you want to have a taste of Devon's Longest Full Forest Segway Experience. With us, you can either choose a standard tour for £20 per person, adventure tour for £27pp and the most loved safari and skills tour for £32 pp. You don't have to worry about safety while you are here. We will give you the necessary safety equipment and disclose all the safety measures you need to know about Segway riding.