5 Facts About Segways tours in Plymouth

Exploring Cann Woods on a segway is one of the best ways to have fun while still enjoying the various scenic views in the area. With 3 different tours to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. 

If you have never ridden a segway before, you may think that these personal transporters are risky and uncomfortable to move around on, until you try one. A segway is an amazing and innovative personal transport means, that most people fall in love with after the first try. 

Here are five amazing facts about segways that will make your adventure in Cann Woods the best you have ever had.


1. It’s easy to handle one

If you’ve been reluctant to use a segway, you most probably think that riding one requires a special skill set and some tricks. However, that is so far from the truth because segways are super easy to ride. In truth, a segway should be even easier to ride compared to a bicycle taking into consideration that segways balance themselves. 

The way your body balances itself automatically when you are walking is exactly the same way it will balance itself when you’re riding a segway.


2. Segways are super safe

Contrary to what beginners think, segways are undoubtedly safe, and can handle some of the most challenging balance tests without putting the rider at risk. With the ability to balance itself, you can rest assured that you are safe when riding on a segway. 



3. It’s eco-friendly

One of the best facts about segways is that they don’t have a negative impact on the environment since they run on green energy. A segway runs on a Lithium-ion battery which not only makes the transportation device eco-friendly but also allows you to enjoy the comfort of your ride and tranquility of the forest since the segway will operate quietly. 


4. It’s considerably user-friendly 

Even though you will have to be taken through the basic controls by an expert before your segway tour, there is nothing to be worried about, really. A segway is completely user-friendly, with controls that are so easy to learn and operate. 

The incredible user-friendliness of a segway means that you won’t have to concentrate too hard, therefore giving you the right opportunity to enjoy the magnificent forest scenery.


5. An incredibly fun way to explore your surroundings

Perhaps one of the most amazing facts about exploring Cann Woods on a segway is that it’s undeniably enjoyable. You will have so much fun riding on the different trails through varying terrain. Having friends and/or family with you makes the experience even more entertaining. 

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