What is #realsegwayexperience? Real segway experience was set up by genuine Segway experience venues after the market started to get flooded by cheap dangerous imports from China, mainly Segway copies which lack the vital components of full redundancy, some tour operators are importing these dangerous machines and rebranding them.

Why does this matter?

When the original Segway was designed and manufactured safety was at the top of the list that's why Segway has full backup redundant systems in place to take over to do a safe safety shut down within 10 seconds giving the rider adequate time to take actions and dismount safely. Every single component in a genuine Segway X2 or I2 has full redundant systems just in case it develops a fault, the new cheap Chinese copies do not have this function to reduce costs therefore if the machine develops a fault the rider will be automatically thrown off the machine which could cause serious injury.
segway authorised Tour This way you know they are using genuine Segways and have to adhere to strict safety rules around the world, this is how Segway protect the brand.
Full redundant means:
2 isolated batteries
2 CPUs
2 times Gyros
2 Leansteer sensors
2 motor amp for each motor red. windings in motors
When one system fails, the good one must seamless switchover, Bring the vehicle to a complete stop in every situation and let the rider step off safely.
Check before you book that the operator uses genuine Segways for your own safety and peace of mind and look out for the #RealSegwayExperience